Guestmandu is located in clean, beautiful and serene Jhamsikhel in Kathmandu Valley. Guestmandu is good place for food and living, not only for guests coming from abroad but for people within valley who want to experience freedom and peaceful stay! Guestmandu has five comfortable and cosy rooms. Guestmandu location in peaceful locality, makes it equally appropriate for get together with close friends! You can also reserve the whole hotel for you and your friends. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), International non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) and government and private organizations can book the whole hotel for specified number of days for their various activities. Nepalese residing in abroad who have come to Kathmandu for weddings and other activities also can reserve the hotel.

Of late Jhamsikhel, like Thamel, has become a place of attraction for foreigners and Nepalese. People have fondly started calling it Jhamel, because of its similarities with Thamel. Jhamsikhel is in beautiful and open place in Lalitpur. It is not congested like many other places. The Nepal office of the United Nations, the British School and the statue of Nepal’s famous singer Arun Thapa are located near and around Jhamsikhel. There are enough open spaces, parking’s and many other hotels and restaurants in Jhamsikhel.

In Guestmandu, there are provisions of unique facilities for the guests. You can order lunch and meals of your choice in advance. The guests can prepare food in their own if they wish so. People who want to read and write in peaceful environment can come for such purposes and stay at our place. You can also run some offices for short term from the Guestmandu when you have such needs. We will have facilities of a meeting hall and Yoga classes in near future